The Three Lessons

Car Payment Secrets

Car Buying Secrets

The Car Basics

The 3 Lessons that need to be learned in order to get car payments less than $100/mon for one car. 

FREE BONUS: Comparison calculator showing the savings when the 3 Lessons are learned.

The exact method used to calculate a $100/mon car payment that can result in savings of over $10,000 for 1 car.  
3 FREE BONUSES: A Budget Calculator, Dishonest Mechanic Stories, and Payment Calculator

The skills and tactics needed to find the exact price you pay if you know the year, make and model of the vehicle you want.
 2 FREE BONUSES: Calculator Displaying Your Exact Car Price,  Secret Website that has cars 95% Off

The mechanical features of your car you NEED to know to be able to shock the mechanic, never pay for a repair without knowing what work has been done, catch dishonest mechanics off-guard, save $100s if not $1000s on repairs, and determine the urgency of a repair.

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