My Mission

Let me share my experience in car ownership and why I have built this website.

My Goal

My goal is to ultimately save you money. In order to do that I am going to educate you on the complete experience of owning an automobile. Buying a car and maintaining it can be quite expensive. It can even be more expensive if you have someone who is going to rip you off for work done on your car that is not needed or overpriced. My mission is to educate you on what the items you need replace cost. Don't leave the car repair shop with a $500 bill for brake pad replacements. This could cost your under $50 if you did it yourself or even a mere $30 if you did it yourself. All it would take is a couple minutes invested in a youtube video for education, inexpensive tools and parts, and about an hour of work. There you go, you just saved a couple hundred dollars. Changing your own brakes is the simplest of do it yourself (DIY) car repair. With this website and a video library that I am building on youtube, I hope to most your car owning experience an inexpensive and fun endeavour. 

My Story

Everybody needs their brakes replaced every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. My car had about 162,000 miles on it and it was time for a brake pad replacement. I started shopping around for the best deals in the area since I had just moved to a completely new area. I found a place offering a deal, $50 rotors where they are normally $100 a piece. I thought I'd give this place a try. As soon as they pull my car into their garage they started with their sales jargon. I'm assuming this next bit was completely MADE UP! They stated that, "Oh this guy (we will call him Joe) has owned this exact car before, he knows exactly how to fix it!" I thought well that is good cause he is going to know what exactly needs fixed and how to fix it. I expected a simple brake job to be about $220, $110 for both front and back pads which is what he told me on the phone. The "expert" took my wheels off and immediately said I need new tires. He then proceeded to say that pretty much everything behind the tire and under my car needed fixed, or so it seem. New rotors, new pads, new shoes, new rear brake cylinders, new ball joints, and the list goes on. After it was all said and done I walked away with a bill for about $1300, FOR WHAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A BRAKE JOB! Needless to say I asked for the bare minimum. He then proceeded to tell me a story, that apparently happened to him just last week. He said, "Dude, I just blew through a stop light last week because I didn't get my rear brake cylinders replaced. You really need to get your's done!" Fearing for my life I said go ahead and replace them. Once all of this work was done I left the shop with lighter pockets. I come to a stop and my brakes are squealing. This is the moment in time that I decided to work on my own car. Here I am many months later educating you and car ownership. Please help me help others.

My Plan

I am designing a fun and creative website for car owners. I would like to educate you on each system that I find simple to work on and understand. As stated before my main goal is to save you money. Whether that be by educating you or showing you how to do it yourself (DIY). I am creating interactive tools that will show you what is under your hood and in your car. I am doing this in a way you may have not seen before. I also would like to share my idea of what cars will continue to look like in the future. There is plenty to do so please stick around! 

I have a Chemical Engineering degree. I did not go to mechanic school but however offer a different view on working on cars. My view/aim is practical and simple. If you would like to watch how repairs are done by certified mechanic please visit the gurus... Eric the Car Guy and Scotty Kilmer . Be sure to subscribe me, AutOdometer , and them on Youtube.